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...the ultimate modern wardrobe for the leading young miss of the 21st century

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MISSCHIEF is a story of many years of the best minimalist fashion design, quality, and elegance. From the opening of its first boutique store in 2009 as a small tailoring craft production, MISSCHIEF has obtained fame among sophisticated female audience as a new refined aesthetic that goes beyond the seams. Throughout all the changes over the years, its unique design, constant innovation in fabrics and assemblage techniques and impeccable craftsmanship has remained synonymous with the brand.

MISSCHIEF is currently a well-developed retail chain with a complete online boutique as well as a distribution network across the United States spreading into select addresses all over the world. Each year these stores are stocked with carefully selected designs to create bold collections made from the highest quality fabrics, the finest cuts and the most accurate haute couture tailoring.

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  • Created in 2004, the FAIRY TAIL FUND provides all the necessary clothing to play outside in the long winter months to underprivileged children. Since the beginning of its creation until now, FAIRY TAIL has brought together many volunteers and sponsors, distributing new snowsuits, boots, hats and mittens to more than 8,000 children.

    You can make a donation to FAIRY TAIL by phone (+1 123 456-7891), by email (), or on the website (). The totality of raised funds will go directly to the cause and an income tax receipt for the full amount of the donation will be issued.

1234 Main Street . Ste. 123
New York . New York 10023
P +1 123 456-7891
F +1 123 654-3211

The Eighth Floor
20 W 20th Street . Ste. 905
New York . New York 10011
P +1 123 561-5488

We are always looking for people with talent who share our vision
Boutiques: keira@misschief.com
Press: yeager@misschief.com

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