From M to Y:
cute cop cars
and fully armed
Alex Murphy mashed Sophia
graffiti sprayed right next to classical rosettes
hundred feet high
on cloud nine
people stoned themselves to a new era
the highest high and the lowest low

the operator’s mantra
on a different frequency
people slammed themselves
between doors
bugs to a zapper
broken machines
broken systems

long strands of hair
of wires
of thoughts
exhausted people
and tantalizing delusion of comfort

three machine boys on brick wall
“i’m so happy you exist”

since when the human became
machines spinning nonstop
throughout the night
and the machine
strangely human

From Y to M:
When Ada Lovelace created the first computer program
She became a real-life in machine
When Samantha fall in love with Theodore
She felt she is alive in that room
When Motoko Kusanagi jump deep into the sea,
She felt fear, anxiety, isolation and darkness.
Sometimes, she felt hope.
She imagined she was becoming someone else.
For the machine,
The strangely human you said,
What their feeling will be like?
I spend around 80% of time with them,
They spend 100% of time with us,
The time we take,
The time they cost,
I bet they will feel tired and boring for facing the same face each day.
For the machine,
The strangely human you said,
What will we feel when they become a part of our bodies?
All components that make up us, as an individual.
When it will be like when we have high technology eyes, nose, mouth and ears?
Perfect body, high technology brain, and high intelligent mind
Where is us
How can we exist/live
The mind in the shell
A ghost in the shell
For the machine,
The strangely human you said,
I realized that my childhood memories are getting more and more blurred,
Most of my memories are kept from photos and videos
The outcomes from machines
They are not us
They are not human
They are the shadow of us
we’re sharing the same memory
Because of them,
we’re existing!!!!

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