What is it about these folds that are so mesmerizing to me? What is it about the process of folding these folds that are so soothing to me?

A mantra for meditation?

I love paper as a material. It is readily available and easily manipulated. You can fold it, cut it, tear it, rip it, draw on it, soak it in ink. It has been around for thousands of years and I believe it will always be around.

I love folding as a creative process. It picks on my brain. It challenges me. It only takes a few times for me to remember the sequence. Then it became muscle memory where my hands just do their things and my mind wander off.

I do not close out my thoughts when I fold. Instead, I think of very specific things. Thinking while folding is different from “normal” thinking. Normally when I think, everything else in my surrounding environment is still moving – sometimes too fast of a pace that makes it hard for me to concentrate. When I fold, everything around me freezes while my thoughts are flowing. Only certain voices are allowed to play when I get “lost” in this process.

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