Components motion capture, creative coding,
projection mapping, site-specific installation
Year 2021

Thesis installation that draws from Michel Foucault’s notion of heterotopia and Homi Bhabha’s ideas on mimicry, “third space,” in-between forms of difference, and political subjectivity based on multi-dimensional identifications.

My personal diasporic experience could be put into words as a fragmented state of being // an ongoing interior–exterior negotiation // a messy site of splitting and doubling, parts bleed and blend into one another.

In the process of bringing a work into being, all the selves within me can talk to one another. There stopped being different i’s, instead, there is only now a ‘we’.

This prompts me to create an opportunity where people can experience what it feels like to spend time with different manifestations beyond their corporeal self, those being: their shadow, their re-represented self in the mirror, their ‘positive’ and ‘negative’ projections. I want to invite others to fluctuate between different dimensions, immerse themselves in the ambivalence, and welcome slippage as inevitable clumsy moments with potential joy, which tend to happen through the combined presence of various elements. I hope that the experience would shape a more generative framework for relations and interactions with and in these spaces.


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