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I'm Mystie

Fueled by perspectives across different cultures and disciplines, I play many roles as a designer, illustrator, animator, and researcher. I hold an MFA in Design with a concentration in Visual Communications from Virginia Commonwealth University, and a BFA in Graphic Design from Texas Tech University. My work has been recognized by AI-AP, Graphis Inc., and AAF (American Advertising Federation).

From both in-house and freelance design practice, I have worked with entities, institutions, and nonprofits, including: American Montessori Society, Legacy West, World Wildlife Fund, The Contemporary Austin, VCUarts, TTU School of Art, TTU College of Architecture, JCW Clayworks and many others. Projects encompass a wide range of media and applications, from brand campaigns, websites, packaging, wearables, to publications and books.

I constantly keep my hands and mind busy, as I see the act of 'making' as a necessary means for self-discovery and a method to output personal experiences. My research focuses on hybrid diasporic identification within an imposed matrix of historical, social, and political forces. I use graphic design, animation, illustration, 3D modeling, creative coding, and/or handcrafting as ways to mess around with symbols of dominant culture and imbue them with my own obscure code.



Happy to hear from ya. Drop me a line~