Steps in the Light

Components 3D modeling & animation, projection mapping,
site-specific installation
Year 2019

The spiral staircase is situated in the deepest part of the Pump House where light sources cannot reach, thus having no shadow. In this site-specific projection mapping, I recreate the antique stair to the smallest details in 3D modeling software to be the animated shadow. By situating what is supposed to be there but is in fact missing, the real becomes a materialized copy of the artificial. The slippage between these “same, but not quite” versions fixes each presence as ‘partial.’ * New technology doesn’t erase historical traits, but instead reminds the viewer of what is still accessible.

Named for one of the city’s most iconic buildings, the Pump House in Byrd Park is a granite Victorian Gothic structure built in 1882–1883, which once served as Richmond’s primary water pumping station.

* Homi Bhabha, one of the leading writers in postcolonial studies, discusses these notions in depth in The Location of Culture, published in 1994 by Routledge.


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