Body Performance Presence Disappearance Ephemeral Inframedium Intermedia Liveness Materiality Mediatized Medium Representation Reproduction

The following writings are collected from multiple sources (books, journals, thesis dissertations, course blogs and institutional websites) to aid me in understanding the key text “Unmarked: The Ontology of Performance” by Peggy Phelan. Each piece takes on a different approach: some simply unpacked, while other critiqued, reformulated, or expanded upon the arguments made by Phelan. Through assembling this anthology, I also am collecting support materials for a position paper that addresses an idea or issue relevant to the performativity topic. Because of the theoretical nature of these texts, they look plausible set in EB Garamond. Overlaid these writings are my notetaking set in Roboto. I rely on the distinction between serif and san-serif typefaces to differentiate my own writing from the collected texts. The site’s layout resembles my close reading experience while keeping it fairly easy to navigate.


Year Author Title

2004 anonymous How to do Things with Disappearance

1999 Philip Auslander Against Ontology: Making Distinctions between the Live and the Mediatized

2017 Nerea Ayerbe Documenting the Ephemeral

1993 Peggy Phelan Unmarked: The Ontology of Performance

2018 Dorota Sajewska and Dorota Sosnowska Body As Medium

2015 Jonah Westerman Between Action and Image: Performance as "Inframedium"